What Kizuna Project 2030 is...
Those children who lost one or more parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake could exceed 1000. The recovery of the impacted area is progressing rapidly. However, the care of these children’s Psychological stability is still not being addressed. Two weeks after the earthquake, Hideki Nagano founded Kizuna Project 2030, thinking that the creation of an environment in which these children can maintain their hopes and dreams is the responsibility of adults not affected by the natural disaster.

In May of 2011, Kizuna, combined with Fortunate Blessing to provide Play Therapy and art supplies in Kesennuma City, Ishinomaki City, and Sendai City. Fortunate Blessing is a well known professional group for child psychological care. The organization previously contributed to areas impacted by past earthquakes such as Sri Lanka, Jawa Central, and Samoa. After this, Kizuna 2030 made an exercise team as instructed by Fortunate blessing. This exercise team, “Kizuna Mind Exercise”, is currently being used as the curriculum in the Ishinomaki elementary schools and the team has visited schools since this May.

Now, there are 150 volunteers both in and out of the country, 500 supporters, and varied specialists,artists, and performers supporting our organization. Through many camp volunteers, fund raising events, and donation of school supplies, connections are being made with all of the impacted children, parents and volunteers and smiles are being born.

We will continue to support these children until 2030 when the today’s infants will reach age 18.

Translated by Jacob & Chiyoko Butcher